Historical Photos of Captain Bob Bartlett

This week I’m going to direct everyone to my facebook page Captain Bob Bartlett. Glen Chaytor has posted several intriguing photographs of Bartlett, showing him as a young man, an old man, and a loving great-uncle. You can see a sample below. Collected by Glen over the years, the photos reveal sides of Bartlett that might not have been obvious to us before. I try to do the same, through text as well as photos, in my forthcoming book Unchained Man.

There’s also a terrific photo contributed by Denise Riddell, taken by her grandfather-in-law in Brigus during the second world war. The photo depicts Bartlett in his beloved Effie Morrissey in Brigus Harbour. It was probably taken a year or two before his death in 1946.

Next week I’ll have a post an entry on a woman with whom Bartlett sailed in the 1940s. Yes, his was an overwhelmingly macho world but you read that right.

Glen Chaytor's pic

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