The beauty of an Arctic island in Russia

A visit to Wrangel Island is on my bucket list. The island is the most bio-diverse in the Arctic and is in Russia’s East Siberian Sea. Readers of Unchained Man will know it as the place where Bartlett’s Karluk crew waited long hard months for rescue. I’ll write more about Wrangel Island in a future blog but today I’ll share some photos of this unique site as well as a lovely National Geographic video.

You may want to add Wrangel Island to your bucket list, too. Meanwhile check out the Arctic walruses and muskoxen below.

Canadian tourists viewing Wrangel Island walruses
These muskoxen are reminders of the woolly mammoth that once lived on the island. I had a meal of muskox a few years ago in Greenland–what a rich tasty meat!
A spit on the island
An Arctic fox looking wary
The island is a polar bear nursery
The view from a ship
A satellite image

Click here to watch a short video called Animals Thrive on Pristine Russian Island by National Geographic starring a few of the hundreds of polar bears who call the island home.

Photo credits: NPR; the Siberian Times; Britannica; UNESCO; The Atlantic; The Great Canadian Travel Group Inc; NASA

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