Bartlett bio on sale at kobo

I want you to feel the Arctic chill in your bones, hear the cracks and crunch of the Karluk as the ice crushes her, and wander the streets of flapper-era New York worrying about how you’ll fund your next trip north–a trip you are desperate to make. My primary goal in writing Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett was to bring readers into the life of this celebrated and misunderstood man.

After dashing from one archive to another — in England, the US and Canada– for many years and standing on the Greenland shore like Bartlett did 100 years ago, I’m eager to have people read Bartlett’s story, immerse themselves in the late polar exploration era, and relive the controversies that marked his life.

So I want to let people know that the biography of Captain Bob Bartlett is on sale on kobo for only $8.09 Canadian. It’s not a get rich quick scheme for me, obviously, but, like I said, I just want people to know this man better and have fun while doing it. The kobo price is significantly less than you’d pay for the hard copy, although I realize many people love the feel of a book in their hands; I do, too.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop me any questions or comments you have about the book or about Bartlett himself.

This blog is written by Maura Hanrahan, the author of Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett. You are invited to subscribe to the blog by going to the Contact page, clicking the bars in the top right corner, and then clicking the small blue bar that says “following.” Then you’ll get an entry every couple of weeks or so delivered right to your inbox.

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