Women Explorers Event!

I’m pleased to pass on news of this exciting free online event from the Explorers Club in New York. I’m especially delighted that this event is happening given the recent news regarding the popular film, The Dig, about the startling pre-war archaeological discovery of an Anglo-Saxon ship and burial grounds at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England. While The Dig is gorgeous film, its producers made the decision to replace the two female photographers who documented the dig in 1939 with a single made-up male character. The unheralded women were Barbara Wagstaff and Mercie Lack; many of their photographs are held by the British Museum in London. The beauty of the film makes the women’s omission and transformation to a single male character all the more painful. I refer to this common practice of suppressing women’s achievements as the invisibilization of women. To be frank, I am quite tired of it.

So, the good news is that the Explorers Club, which began to admit women only in 1981, is now celebrating women in exploration and science. Here is the Club’s media release:

The Explorers Club presents “Women Explorers in History” to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on Thursday, February 11th at 7 pm. This event launches a year-long series of exciting programs, media, and educational outreach to honor and showcase Explorers Club members and other women in the field.

Join your hosts, Milbry Polk MN’95, explorer and co-author of Women of Discovery: A Celebration of Intrepid Women, and Lacey Flint, The Explorers Club Archivist and Curator of Research Collections, for an evening lecture that will feature women explorers throughout history who have made key contributions to global knowledge. The lecture will be followed by Q &A with the hosts.

Streaming live – Thursday, February 11th at 7:00 pm ET – on explorers.org, our YouTube Channel, and our Facebook Live!

Note that Thursday night’s event kicks off a whole weekend celebrating women scientists and explorers through over 75 livestream events. For more information, see the Women Blaze Trail Festival.

This blog is written by Maura Hanrahan, the author of Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett. I’m also a retired Sub-lieutenant (NCS) and a member of the Department of Geography & Environment at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. You are invited to subscribe to the blog by going to the Contact page, clicking the bars in the top right corner, and then clicking the small blue bar that says “following.” Then you’ll get an entry every couple of weeks or so delivered right to your inbox. (All images in this post are from the Explorers Club.)

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